DSO Entity highlights the role of DSOs as key enablers of the energy transition at the High-Level Forum “Future of our Grids” on 7 September

During the high-level Forum “Future of our Grids: Accelerating Europe’s energy transition”, initiated by the European Commission and organised by ENTSO-E together with DSO Entity as one session partner, light was shed on the need for the right framework conditions for DSOs (Distribution System operators) and TSOs (Transmission System Operators) as enablers of this energy transition.


In the presence of Energy Commissioner Kadri Simson, high-level stakeholders from the institutions and the sector, the important role of electricity grids in achieving the EU’s energy and climate objectives was highlighted. In four thematic sessions, core topics were discussed, such as the investment challenge, the regulatory framework, increased uncertainty regarding staffing and supply chains as well as permitting and stakeholder engagement.                                              

At the end of the conference conclusions from each session were drawn. 

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